159691-159 – Jnr National Noncircuit ORMC & QD Circular 2 of 2015

GOC 2015 Race Dates


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  2014 GOC Regulations (Juniors & Seniors)



The Gauteng Off-road Club (GOC) organises races in the PS Portable Shade GOC Series and the GOC Junior Series in the Gauteng / North West / Mpumalanga areas for off-road bike & quad competitors competing on all levels.

The GOC Junior Series is ideal for young off-road riders between the ages of 7 and 17. There are a variety of classes for youngsters (classes and rules according to Junior National Championship).
There is trophies at each GOC event (top three in PRO and CLUB classes and top three in combined quad classes) as well as prizes to be won at the end of the season!
GOC is affiliated to Motorsport SA (MSA).
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the inside story

On Tuesday, I bit the bullet and headed downtown to answer my summons for jury duty.

Even though I didn’t get called for a jury and sat in a large courthouse room all day with hundreds of other would be jurors instead I learned a lot.

I was told that on the day you have to report for jury duty, you can get on the trolley going downtown for free simply by showing the uniformed and affable MTS personnel your summons, and one or more of them will walk you to what for me was the Blue Line. Then, in the courthouse, jury personnel will give you two free passes.

In the jury room, you can see many familiar faces, such as the woman you have seen running in marathons and around town for 25 years, but to whom you have never been introduced, and learn that you have something fake michael kors in common.

I figured out that the woman dressed in what resembles a black abaya, who looks like an Afghani or a Muslim, is the one who tells prospective jurors that jury duty is what makes America great.

I learned a whole bunch of other things too. So please continue. No one seems to care. In fact, if you show up 5 days earlier or 5 days later than your summons date, the jury office apparently doesn’t care about that either.

I now know that jurors are special people, although they can get sore sitting around all day doing very little. I figured out the soreness can be abated if one walks around imagining what cheap michael kors bags each person would be doing if they weren’t doing this.

It is Michael Kors handbag outlet against the laws of nature to fall asleep michael kors cheap in the small seats, yet miraculously, some people figure out a way.

I also learned that you mustn’t put coffee on the metal detection ramp in the lobby.

Because I am a hiker, I was happy to hear from a brief film about jury service that somehow the great peaks of Yosemite have something in common with the replica michael kors process of coming to a verdict.

In a particularly interesting discovery, I learned that the large jury room “cattle call” seats perhaps 500 people, who spend replica cheap Michael Kors their time knitting, embroidering, talking on the phone, working on their laptops, reading books and newspapers or getting dates. Because there are many television sets, one can watch Wolf Blitzer talk about something while simultaneously watching Paris Hilton get out of jail and hug somebody.

I was ecstatic to see that a jury summons is an equal opportunity opportunity that spans an especially diverse segment of the county. I know this because the women calling jurors’ names could not pronounce many of them because of the complexity of their many hyphenated syllables, at least relative to names like Smith, Jones and Clark.

I learned that the coffee in the courthouse is terrible.

That there is no WIFI for juror candidates in the courthouse.

That some of the women’s toilet stalls have no place to hang one’s purse because the hooks have broken or been stolen.

After a careful investigation, I discovered that one can buy ice cream yogurt at Ben discount michael kors Jerry’s in Horton fake cheap Michael kors handbags Plaza.

That one can sit in the cheap Michael Kors lobby during lunch at the Westin Horton Plaza and use free WIFI.

And that at some establishments around the streets of the courthouses, such as coffeeshops, a juror’s badge cheap michael kors merits a 20 percent discount.

From now on, I will take pleasure in knowing that I can change my entire surroundings by picking up all my belongings and moving from a seat on one end of the jury room diagonally to the other side. In this way, one can observe another group of people much more closely.

I realized too that the jury office staff are kind. As soon as they know that no trials will need jurors for the rest of the day, a woman from the jury office will tell all summoned candidate jurors they are dismissed. Most everyone rushes to punch their pieces of paper day timer, so their employers will pay them for their time. Most seats become vacant very quickly.Articles Connexes:

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